Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Hey! I just created my blogger today! I am so excited - this is too new for me! I think I'm going to love it! I love to rubberstamp - to create cards and use glitter!


Yogi said...

Hey MOM!!! I can't beleive you have a blog!! ITs so cute!Im really glad you enjoy stamping, its seems like fun, Anyweys i dont think it fair you have your own blogger and you didnt let me have MYspace!! but its okay , im just kidding okay then mom love you Bye Yogi

Danita said...

Hello My Best Friend.
Congrats on creating your own "BLOG SPACE".
I am anxious to see you start posting your work, so the whole world can see your beautiful creations.
If you need help putting pictures of your work on here let me know and I will help you.
Love ya,

Nora said...

Ok, I have to start using my creative corner a little more, but I'm learning - Rome wasn't created in a day - hey, is this the correct saying - my primary language is espanol, so sometimes I don't know all of these sayings.

Olga and Alex got me a great scrapbooking gift for the day after Thanksgiving - I told them this should be a yearly tradition: each year I get my first Christmas gift the day after Thanksgiving! Do you think they are convinced?